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What to Expect on Your First Brothel Experience

We understand, there is always a first time for everything and visiting a brothel for the first time should be a fun and exhilarating experience. But of course, preparing yourself for it shouldn’t hurt. Oh, and it’s definitely ok to be nervous! That makes this even more exciting, right?

Now, every brothel is different. They have their own set of rules and ways of doing things that some brothels may not do. But there are similarities that you will notice once you step in. Let’s start, shall we? Imagine you’re right in front of your chosen brothel.

Upon entrance:

Security can vary from one brothel to another. For brothels in Perth like us, we put an emphasis on privacy especially when requested by a client. If you enter through our front entrance, a simple body and bag check will be done. Other places may be more relaxed or strict. It really depends on the management. For more private clients, we have a backdoor entrance available upon request. A light pat down and baggage check will also be done. Security will also ask you to leave any kind of weapon or recording device that you can retrieve when you leave.


Once inside, you are pretty much free to do as you wish. For our clients, we let them relax in the bordello upon entrance. For other brothels, a lineup will be arranged for you. All available women will be asked to lineup in front of you. They will introduce themselves one by one and you can choose from this lineup right then and there. But if you need to think about it, you can opt to grab a drink first then decide later. For us here at City West, we let each beauty approach you and introduce herself to you.

Private introduction:

If you have chosen a more private service, we can have our girls introduce themselves to you in a private room instead of the bordello.


Once you’ve chosen the right girl for you, they will show you around the brothel to see the rooms and let you choose which one you like best. Once you’ve decided, they will lead you to that room then start with the negotiations.


Just like any business transaction, you are availing a service and our girls are here to provide you with a satisfying experience. During this time, you should discuss the kind service you are into. It’s also important to tell her your budget and how long you want your session to be. It’s important to be very honest during this part. Surprises might get you kicked out so it’s better to speak up.

The Physical Check:

As much as you want to protect yourself, brothels are also very careful to keep their girls healthy. Although the physical check has a medical purpose, think of it as foreplay. Once they’re done, they will rub your penis clean. You can then proceed to sign some papers and pay for your transaction.


This is your most awaited moment!  It’s time to fulfill your fantasies and enjoy your time with your girl. Treat your lady with respect, don’t be a douche really. Once your time is up, you’ll be notified.

Ready for your first Perth brothel experience?

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