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What Are The Essential Ingredients Of Sensual Massage?

A perfect massage is one that aims to please and relax and it does require an effort on the part of the masseuse. It is not as simple as giving a rub down. The essential ingredients of giving a perfect sensual massage in Perth can be divided into three broad headings. They are as follows”


A lot people ignore this very crucial part and they think a bed is all that is needed for the massage. However, first you need the client to relax and that can be done by making an effort to create a soothing ambience. Rose petals, scented candles and mood lighting are of course essential, but you also need to pay special attention to the removal of any kind of distraction like cell phones, traffic noise through the window etc.


The right oil can work wonders, but before you start, be sure to enquire whether your partner is allergic to any kind of oil. You do not want your massage to end in rashes! You can choose from a whole range of aromatic oils and most of them also have therapeutic properties. Some of the most popular ones are rose, lavender, olive, sandalwood, grape seed and almond. You can also try more exotic varieties like marula, moringa and barage oils. A combination of two or more oils can also be used.


If you are new to this, try not to experiment too much and stay close to the conventional methods of feather strokes, palming and kneading. Instead, concentrate more on the pressure of your hands and try not to be too rough. Ask for feedbacks from your partners and if you hear sighs and moans then it is good indication that you are doing pretty well.

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