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Twilight Room

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Satisfy All Your Desires in the Twilight Room
If you fancy a sexy time with a thrill of dark and mysterious touch, take a peek into our Twilight Room and be turned on. The room is designed specially for those who love to be aroused by the deep, dark, and devilishly sexy encounter. Everything from the walls and ceiling to the bed are pitch-black.
It’s as dark as the desires in the back of your mind. A touch of hot blood red furniture is there to heat up the passion. The glow light from the lamp mimics a full moon in a clear midnight sky. And you know what a full moon can do for people, so just follow your urge and go wild.
It’s going to be full of mischievous activities when you are in this room. It’s a night at a sexy kinky vampire’s nest. Come to the Twilight Room where our gorgeous vixens are waiting and ready to show you a good time. They know what they are doing and they love to have their way with you.
It’s going to be hot. Enter the racy twilight zone through our darkest Twilight Room. Although the name states otherwise, this room is dark and mysterious and isn't for the faint hearted.
Call us today at 08 9388 3636. for the most extreme pleasure you will not forget. Standard Rooms are also available.