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Retro Room

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Enjoy an Incredible Evening in the Retro Room
Fluorescent blue lights and a trippy experience. This room is for the hard and horny.
Go crazy and lose control. It’s a hard-core party in this room. It’s ecstatic. It’s intense. It’s sex. It’s something that needs to be released. Walk in to our Rave Room and get revved up with all the trippy light décor. The Rave Room’s bed is the blackest and comes in a generous size for your full use.
The metallic walls and ceiling with the blue fluorescence light shining through (once the lights are dimmed) will give you a trippy feeling like you are jamming in a secret raunchy party. The trip you are about to experience in the Rave Room will be mind blowing. Our girls are racy.
They know what they are doing and they are ready to get you high with horniness. They are your ecstasy that will keep you up and partying non-stop all night long. The best thing here at the Rave Room is, with our girls ability to getting you high, no lows here! It’s just pure ecstasy.
You are expected to reach intensity and literally burst with crazy fun and joy.
Come and get high with lust the hardest and the horniest way, call us to book at 08 9388 3636. Standard Rooms are also available.