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How To Give a Romantic Massage

A romantic massage can be instrumental in increasing the intimacy among the partners. After all, sexual encounter between lovers is considered to be the highest form of commitment but there are other ways of showing intimacy as well. A romantic massage is one such way to show your love because it means that you are doing something just of the sole pleasure of the partner. It not only increases physical pleasure but also takes emotional bonding to a whole new level.

When a romantic Massage is Applicable

To start with a romantic massage, it is important to know about what the partner likes or dislikes. The massage can be all the more romantic after the spouse has come back home after an especially busy day and is extremely stressed out. On such a day, how wonderful would it be if he or she is to walk in and find the room smelling of roses and sandalwood, with candles on the windowsills and soft music playing? It would be the perfect setting before the massage.

Techniques to be used in Romantic Massage

To set the mood, take your partner to the shower and have a warm bath together. Touch each other while bathing and the towel down. Lead your partner to the mattress and slow pour oil on your hands and massage it lovingly on your partner’s shoulders. Look for feedback- which is sure to come in the sighs and moans. You might not be perfect the very first time, but the effort is sure to matter. You can learn more techniques from adult services in Perth and then try them with your partner. Whisper romantic words and move down the body, massaging the highs and lows.

If you are fortunate enough, you might get a massage in return as well and it will be something that both of you would be trying again very soon.

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