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Easy Tips To Give You An Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage Service Perth | City West Massage

Who said that foreplay is all about kissing and cuddling. The most erotic form of foreplay is by giving a sensuous massage. Giving the perfect erotic massage is an art that not everybody can excel in. So we help you to know the professional way of giving erotic massage to customers that escorts manage to do so easily. It would be interesting to know that massage is one of the most intimate forms of foreplay that is irresistible when given in the proper technique. So without much delay, let us help you know the easy tips of pampering your customers with an erotic massage.

Accessories You need to Give an Erotic Massage

There are several important accessories that you would need in order to provide an erotic massage.

    • Massage Lotion – Massage lotion is one of the most important secret ingredients to steam things up in the bedroom. The smell is as delicious as the escort herself and will set the mood just right for some fun and action. The massage lotions tend to smoother your skin just like butter.


    • Massage Rocks – The massage rocks are available in different shapes and sizes to add to the sensuous quotient. The weight of the rocks are just perfect to rub your back sensuously.


Techniques to Follow while Massage

    • Initial Touch – The initial touches need to be long enough to give a lingering feeling and needs to have a purpose. The touch should be firm enough to assure your partner that they are about to experience a great time. Apply the massage oil gently to warm up your customer’s body and set the night in the right order.


    • Fingertips – If you had the idea that massage needs to be intense and deep, then break free from this notion and do just the opposite. Use your fingertips to massage your customer’s body because that gives a very relaxing affect and keeps him excited enough for the rest of the night.


    • Kneading Thumbs – Rolling, kneading and pressing the thumbs against your body is a great way to relief stress from the body and to relax the pain. Moving the thumb as well as rolling the fingers is a great way to pump up the excitement for the night. So remember to apply the process of kneading thumbs.


So remember these techniques when customers come to visit you.

For more information about massage parlour , kindly visit us or you can also call us 08 9388 3636 or E-mail us.

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