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Does Kissing Burn Calories

It is a common knowledge now that sex is extremely good for burning calories. The physical movements and the mounting heart rates are perfect to get the calories burning. However, it is not just intercourse that helps you lose that few extra kilos. It has now been scientifically proven that even kissing can help you burn a whole lot of calories.

How Much Calories you can lose while Kissing

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you put a little thought into what you do while you kiss, the answer would be clear. You hug, you exert pressure on certain places of your partner’s body and you put an effort into the act of kissing itself. All of this might seem like very negligible movements to you, but carry this on for an hour and you can end up losing around 68 calories. Some also opt for kissing services to enjoy the thrill.

Benefits of Kissing

Most of the calories lost however, is the result of the increasing heart rate. When your heart beats faster, the blood is pumped harder through the veins and the more calories you burn. In fact, try including a few interesting positions while you kiss your partner next time- make up lie down and climb on top of him. Straddle him and place your hands on his chest. Then come down to kiss up and push yourself back up. Looks familiar? Of course it does, as it is something very similar to a regular push up. All you have to do is spice things up as you mix in a healthy dose of sexy moves as you come down to kiss your partner.

If you are kissing vigorously and making out at the same time, then the number of calories burnt could go well over hundred. So now, you have one more reason to get intimate with your partner.

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