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Hiring a prostitute is often a matter of concern because most of the people want to remain discreet about it. There is a still a taboo regarding prostitute and though many people hire their services, most of them do not own up to it. However, because of this, they often fall prey to scams as well. There are some rings who blackmail their clients and it is important to keep three things in mind before hiring a prostitute. Read More

A sensual or erotic massage is definitely something that can enhance the senses and provide pleasure. However, apart from the gratification of some very physical needs, erotic massages have been known to be very helpful in the healing of certain sexual problems. The adult massages are conducted by trained masseuses who are well aware that most of the time, clients come to the massage parlor because they are probably unable to derive that pleasure in their marital bed. Read More

It is a common knowledge now that sex is extremely good for burning calories. The physical movements and the mounting heart rates are perfect to get the calories burning. However, it is not just intercourse that helps you lose that few extra kilos. It has now been scientifically proven that even kissing can help you burn a whole lot of calories.

How Much Calories you can lose while Kissing

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Erotic massage can take the level of intimacy to new grounds but like all other good things, you have to work towards it. Here are then simple dos and don’ts of sensual massage that will make the experience a lot better and fulfilling.


Make sure the ambience is perfect. Setting the mood and getting your partner to relax are a top priority or the massage will not be a success. Read More

An erotic masseuse has to be prepared for a lot of things. She has to encounter people from various walks of life in her profession and has to remain committed to all of them. Here are seven things that any new erotic masseuse should know of:

Hiding emotions:

Erotic massages can sometimes become too risky because certain clients can suddenly get carried away and become aggressive. You have to deal with them firmly, without revealing that you are scared or disturbed. Read More

An erotic massage can not only be exhilarating but it can be tremendously fulfilling for the mind as well. Here are some erotic massage techniques, which when mastered, will be the source of ultimate pleasure for you.

The best way to start would be through a head massage. Press your finger softly through the scalp for a relaxing feeling. Read More

A massage is not just about soothing the sore muscles- it can do a lot more, especially if you are thinking about adult massages. However, like in everything else, there are few things which you need to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of the massages. The right techniques can be crucial for the derivation of the maximum pleasure. Read More

Every year numerous people from all over the world visit Perth, a beautiful city in the west coast of Australia. The reason for the visit varies from business to leisure but one thing is Perth that is responsible for attracting quite a few of these people is the adult services. Perth brothels are extremely well known worldwide not only for the adult services they provide but also for the beautiful girls who are ever ready to serve customers. Australia being close to Asia has many Asian girls in the Perth brothels and Asian girls are very popular among men worldwide due to their youthful nature and mesmerizing beauty.

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If you are traveling to Perth for business or leisure, there is one thing that you should definitely try and that is the adult service in Perth. Perth is an Australian city on the west coast and is one of the very few places in the world where you can enjoy all kinds of adult pleasures. The adult services Perth includes escort service, adult massage service, threesome, cross dressing, striptease, bondage and so on, to name a few kinds. In simple words you can say that you can enjoy every kind of adult pleasures imaginable in this vibrant city of Australia.

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