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Better Your Sexual Performance With 5 Food Options

Everybody loves to heat things up in bed between the sheets and the urge to excel in bed doubles up specially in the company of super hot call girls. So get the strong sexual drive back in life now because achieving that is easy. All you need to do is watch carefully what goes inside your mouth. If you can keep a close check on your diet and have food items that specifically helps in boosting your sex life, then there is no stopping you for the night.

Food Options to Enhance Your Sexual Performance with Perth Escorts

Seeds and Nuts – Walnuts and almonds have healthy fat and nutrients that help majorly in the production of sex hormones. Almonds have often been referred to as a sexual stimulant and reduces the risk of miscarriage and infertility. The nutrients form the most critical components those are solely responsible to better your sexual pleasure.

Citrus Fruits – The common citrus fruits responsible to increase your sexual drive are grapefruits, lemons and oranges. Based on what medical researchers have to say, vitamin C improves the general health of the sperm and reduces the risk of fertility both among men and women.

Berries – It is one of the most sensuous food that both men and women can eat and also indulge in during sexual intercourse. Strawberries comprise of vitamin C and folate and these two components can enhance your performance in bed. As a client you surely want to have the time of your life with the call girl throughout the night. So gear up for the grand night by popping in as many strawberries as possible to stay charged up for the night.

Dark Chocolate – Chocolate in itself can unleash a thousand butterflies in your tummy with sheer joy. Now your joy is bound to get doubled after knowing that dark chocolate is a great simulator to steam things up for you in bed. Dark chocolate not only pumps up your sexual drive but also triggers the brain chemicals primarily responsible for sex.

Avocados – This food item is in itself very healthy for people. Post knowing that they are great to excel your performance in bed, people are surely going to have it in bulk quantity just to add the right amount of oomph in bed. This food item can excite your brain, heart and the blood vessels surrounding the action areas.

Watch out for these food options that will help you to get your act and energy right.

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