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7 Things You Never Knew About Being A Erotic Masseuse

An erotic masseuse has to be prepared for a lot of things. She has to encounter people from various walks of life in her profession and has to remain committed to all of them. Here are seven things that any new erotic masseuse should know of:

Hiding emotions:

Erotic massages can sometimes become too risky because certain clients can suddenly get carried away and become aggressive. You have to deal with them firmly, without revealing that you are scared or disturbed.

Respecting all Body types:

Many people walk into massage parlors and not all of them have perfect bodies. However, a masseuse has to make all of them feel special, irrespective of their age, weight, or color.

Insisting on Hygiene:

A masseuse has to be pay close attention to her own hygiene and also insist that her clients take a bath before and after every massage to prevent any kind of germ transmission.

The first massage:

The first massage can be nerve racking and it is advisable not to be too experimental in the very first session. Focus on being relaxed and things will improve as you gain more practice.

Developing a Style:

Although every massage has certain set rules, developing a unique style will make you stand out among the hundreds of other masseuses. It can be a special costume you wear, a special lighting or a special ingredient that you use in your massage sessions.

Learning from Experience:

As you start catering to more and more clients, you will learn what people like and what they don’t and incorporate the popular massage techniques more in your sessions, along with your own signature style.

The Rates:

Since you are working so hard, be sure to be aware of the industry rates and charge accordingly.


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