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7 Erotic Massage Techniques To Heat Up Your Love Life

An erotic massage can not only be exhilarating but it can be tremendously fulfilling for the mind as well. Here are some erotic massage techniques, which when mastered, will be the source of ultimate pleasure for you.

The best way to start would be through a head massage. Press your finger softly through the scalp for a relaxing feeling.

Always start with the backside. The back of the neck, shoulders, the spine and the lower back are areas in the body that get stressed the most. It is advisable to start with them and your partner will start feeling relaxed almost instantly.

Move to the sides of the body and rub your hands from the sides to the center of the body. Move to the upper arms next, and press till the wrists. Then seductively take the hand and rub the center of the palms and the back. Lastly, slide your fingers between each fingers and press them gently.

Try to keep the motion center and upward. This is known to be the most stimulating experience. After the back is massaged with the palming technique, move on to the buttocks with the kneading technique. This is exactly like rolling a ball of dough between the fingers.

The next area to concentrate would be the feet. Start moving lower than the thighs and knead the muscles softly. When you reach the feet, apply slight pressure to the balls of the feet and press your palms firmly against the sole, and finally slide your fingers between the toes.

The next area to concentrate would be the front. Use light feather strokes to heighten the anticipation and keep doing it for about seven minutes.

Move your hands from the sides towards the center of the chest and upward and keeping repeating in soft circular motions. Slowly start moving upwards from the belly to the chest.

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