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5 Things You Need to Know When Visiting a Brothel

Have you been visiting brothels? Chances are, there are still a lot that you don’t know about these businesses.  If you are thinking of visiting a brothel or even us soon, it pays to keep yourself well informed. Read on!

Their house, their rules.

Every brothel has their own set of rules and regulations that they implement. If you are unfamiliar with brothels, it’s a good idea to look up rules and regulations to ensure you abide by them.


Don’t ever assume that just because you are willing to pay then that means you can get whatever you want. Each girl has their own sets of services and limitations, you need to make sure you are clear on the services you would like to avail and how much your budget is. Always get consent and be transparent with what you want.

No pictures, please!

As much as you want to protect your identity and preserve your privacy, City West also ensures that the identity of their girls are kept private. Thus, refrain from taking pictures of the girls especially if they didn’t consent and it exposes their face.

Just like what we mentioned earlier, privacy is important to brothels as a business. It not only keeps their customers secured but also their main investments, aka the girls, private. If you need a little more discretion, you can request for certain arrangements such as a backdoor entrance and private audience with the girls. Like here at City West, we take your privacy seriously. Just call us and we’ll make the arrangements for you.

Protection is a MUST!

Although some men may not like the sensation of using condoms, when you’re visiting a brothel, using protection is must. This not only protects yourself and the sex worker but your partner as well (if you are in a relationship or married). If you have certain preferences, bring your own but City West usually keep a stash in their private rooms.

Bring just enough cash.

We pride ourselves as a business that puts emphasis on customer loyalty. Thus, you really don’t have to worry about theft or robberies while availing our services but for the sake of those who are primarily researching about brothels, it’s safer to visit a brothel Perth with just the right amount of money intended for your chosen service package.

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