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5 Must Haves If You Are a Cross Dresser

If you are regularly cross dressing in Perth, it makes good sense if you read this. As a cross dresser, you should be able emulate a woman successfully before making the final cut as an attractive cross dressing male.

Here are a few of the most essential cross dressing articles of style that you should must have:

1. If you are a seasoned cross dresser, then this should be an article that you will always have in your closet. A waist clincher is a must have in your wardrobe. This waist clincher can mold your body and give you a very feminine figure that accentuates your hips and the breast in comparison to your lower body. An under bust corset like structured waist clincher is ideal for cross dressing. You can also have a lacey back that makes you look extremely attractive.

2. Having a wig is a must if you are a cross dresser. An expensive wig that has synthetic fiber looks amazing on your head. Many think it to be real and the compliments keep flowing in.

3. A panty girdle is the next most important part of your dressing attire that needs to be incorporated. A panty girdle shapes your lower torso and gives it a more feminine look. The male parts are aptly hidden and wearing a short one or a long one would depend on the type of skirt or expensive dress that you would be wearing.

4. If you own a little black dress or an LBD, your wardrobe is everyone’s envy. For most cross dressers, it is imperative that you have the LBD as it makes you look feminine and not made up.

5. Finally, remember to moisturize your facial skin and also wear a beard cover. The beard cover should be in a color that hides the growing signs of facial hair. Also, importantly wear shapely breast forms that look real and can hold your breasts in place as they would look on femme fatale. If you are interested in the flat chested waif look then breast forms are unnecessary. What is most important is the kind of look you want to exude. Some cross dressers are interested in showing cleavage. If you are naturally endowed with some flesh in the chest area, then go for the voluptuous look. Else seek a breast form that catches the eye. And yes, ensure that pair of long black boots always helps!

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