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5 Most Popular Types Of Massage Therapy

A message therapy can be incredibly relaxing. We often complain that our muscles are sore and we get too tired at the end of the day to do anything with our family. In that case, a good massage can be the answer to your problems. Here are five popular kinds of massages that you can try out: 

Swedish Massage:

This is a regular message. It uses conventional techniques like palming and kneading and the ultimate aim is relaxation. The knots in the muscles are smoothened out and the client is sure to feel the soreness melting from his muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This is a more intensive kind of treatment and it aims to work on the deeper levels of the muscles. Those who suffer from chronic muscle problems can opt for this massage. It is common to feel sore after the massage for two or three days, but once that goes away, the muscles feel a lot more rejuvenated.

Adult massage therapy:

Erotic massage or adult massages are often enjoyed by those who want to feel the pleasure of the senses. It does not require a lot of expertise, but it definitely requires a lot of passion. The client is sure to come back again soon to experience this new form of physical pleasure.

Sports Massage:

As the name suggests, this massage is perfect for those who are into sports or who have an extremely active lifestyle. They often suffer from strained muscles and tendons or they might be recovering from an injury and this massage facilitates recovery.


A massage therapy that combines ancient secrets of Japan with certain elements of acupuncture, this massage concentrates on the pressure points of the body. They are stimulated enough so that the energy within the body is perfectly distributed for greater vigor

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