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5 Healthy Benefits of Having

If you are heading for an adult massage in Perth, you should know how it may lead to sex and intercourse. It makes good sense to know the benefits of sex and know how it affects our performance outside.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits if Sex:

  • Sex helps improves sleep and in a lot of women, the orgasm leads to the release of the hormone Prolactin. This leads to sleepiness and spreads relaxation and sleepiness in equal measure.
  • Having sex is often a great thing as it eases stress and relieves you and your partner of anxiety. Touching and hugging in addition to penetrative sex releases the body’s feel good hormone. Sexual arousal leads to revving up the brain and its pleasure and reward system. This helps in boosting happiness and self esteem.
  • The immune system is boosted and fewer sick days. The germs and viruses affect your body far less than usual. The defensive mechanism of your body is bettered through regular sex. Researchers in Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that antibodies of a certain kind occurred more in women who had regular sex that those who did not.
  • Having sex more often also leads to boosting libido and increases the vaginal lubrication. The blood flow and elasticity also increases.
  • A strong pelvic muscle is very important in avoiding incontinence in later life. Men and women, who have sex more often, have a far greater control of their bladder. Good sex often leads to a complete workout of the pelvic muscles and the contractions in these muscles strengthen them.

Finally, good and frequent sex leads to lowering of the blood pressure in the body. The systolic blood pressure decreases a lot and aids individuals to lead a healthier life.

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