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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Erotic Massage

Erotic massage can take the level of intimacy to new grounds but like all other good things, you have to work towards it. Here are then simple dos and don’ts of sensual massage that will make the experience a lot better and fulfilling.


Make sure the ambience is perfect. Setting the mood and getting your partner to relax are a top priority or the massage will not be a success.

apply firm pressure to the key points of the body so that the knots in the muscles can loosen and your partner completely relaxes.

Ask for feedback every couple of minutes so that you know you are going right. You must also keep an eye out for the body language of your partner during the massage and this will tell you how she feels.

Massage on the floor, although the bed might seem more enticing at first. The softness of the bed will prevent you from sitting firmly and will not give you a comfortable position.

Keep away all distractions like cell phones so that the session is uninterrupted.


Do not rush through the massage, being impatient for it to get over so that you can concentrate on other things. In fact, having a leisurely massage will only draw out your pleasure later.

Never squirt oil directly on to the skin of the partner because the cold oil hitting the skin can be extremely discomforting. Always rub the oil on the palm of your hands and make it warm by rubbing your palms together.

Never expect a massage in return, or ask for it as soon as you are done.

Do not use lotion as the skin absorbs it too quickly and you hands might feel rough after every few minutes.

Don’t use your thumbs at the very beginning, rather keep it for later to intensify the feeling.

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