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4 Secret Orgasmic Hotpots in the Body that Turn You on During an Erotic Massage

One of the best ways to get turned on while getting an adult massage is by titillating the orgasmic hotspots in the body. Women love it when their men massage these hotspots and get a great deal of satisfaction. You do not have to visit a professional adult service in Perth to receive a hot erotic massage.

massage adult services

Image Source: http://www.amazon.com/Erotic-Massage/dp/B0055X93Q4

1. The sacrum is the true pleasure point of the entire body. Women have this located at the base of the spine above the buttocks. It is a triangular shaped area that hosts the sacral nerves and these connect the genital area. Research has shown how this area if stimulated can generate an orgasm in the woman. You can start with a normal back and then gradually go down with your fingers. You can press the sacrum with your palm and keep repeating it with a gentle karate chop style. If the area gets heated, the woman will feel the turn on in her genitals. This can go on to make your session very exciting.

2. The big toe is the most responsive part of the human body. It can respond to pressure and at any time is connected to the genitals. There is a neurological link between the toes and the genitals. You can stimulate the area during a foot massage by pinching the sides of the toe while you roll the fingers on the gaps between the fingers. You can use a good massage oil and apply it on the toe. Another good idea is to use a lotion that heats up the area. You can also suck on her toe to arouse her.

3. The belly button and the navel are connected to each other by the nerve tissue that arouses the woman while having sex. If you are interested in turning your woman on, try licking the area around the navel. You can also use the finger and caress the skin around the belly button. This may be too intense and cause some amount of tickling in some women. Most would love it.

4. If you are a person who thought the nose had no benefit while having sex, then think of it again. The nose has a large concentration of nerves that can be stimulated during sex. You can try and do the “Eskimo kiss” wherein you rub each other’s noses from side to side. This act thereby turns you and your mate on.

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